To believe in madness

Some people think that once every time, life is going to put you in the right place, in the right time. That might be right, or wrong, I don’t know. I’m just a guy who doesn’t know much about anything. I just needed a cliché quote to start writing something I know nobody will read. And that’s something that I do know for sure. As a matter of fact that cliché quote might be suitable this time, this one time.

I have always been grateful one way or another with life. Life has always given me more than I deserve. I have a great family, the best friends, health and a very well amount of money in my pockets all the time. I had been loved, despite the popular belief, and I have loved, yes I have. But within each passing year, some things start losing color. You feel like you want to throw all the shit out and just star over.

But even if you think about it too much, or if you even attempt to do in it, there will always been some bones that can never be broken, some new and some old.

Life, life is just a game after all, there will be always pieces, new and old, important and irrelevant, you just have to know how to play them and become one with you line of time. I have always refused to be a player. I’d live my life as a watcher, relying on my infinite sadness.

But today it seems like a different day, there’s a new piece that think I can be different, that I can be a player. Perhaps she hasn’t had have the time to know me, otherwise she would think that, or perhaps she’s right, who knows? Not me, I’m just a guy who doesn’t know much about anything. I just know that today is going to be a great day, everything might change or remain the same, doesn’t matter. It will be different, and only time will tell if this is the beginning of something that will make me be forever grateful to the last standing light, or submit once and for all to the infinite sadness.

AngelusKnight Signing On